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33 states in o had sterilization laws and virginia was a role model. greta kreuz has one victim's story. >> is that where they sterilized you? >> this is where sara was forcibly sterilized when she . s 23 does it give you the goose bumps? gives me goose bumps. led it the colony, it's now the central virginia training center for the intellectually disabled but from 1924-1979, thousands were sterilized against their will knowledge. heir part of the eugenics movement, keeping american gene pools strong making sure no defects were sent down, including alcoholism, epilepsy. she was snulalized with her brother and sister and were diagnosed mentally deficient sterilized. what they were doing to you? they didn't tell me why. >> it is a irreprehensible process. supreme court upheld virginia's sterilization law in 1927 and carrie was sterilized, she and her mother deemed feeble minded and oscar holmes wrote three generations inbeciles is move. the outlook was ominous. >> hitler came to powered use the virginia act as his model. >> for race clarification practices. nuremberg war trials the
caskey. >> we have a few areas of light rain mainly south of washington and parts of virginia to 95. we will look at superdoppler 7 and we will have more widespread showers and thunderstorms and downpours. prince william and stafford county some light to moderate rain pushing north. 84 the high today. we have areas of fog northwest of town. be aware of reduced visibility. rain will be more widespread with downpours this afternoon into the evening. localized flooding a concern today and tomorrow. >> on the roads right now monday morning labor day and it is nice and light on the major routes. the main problem is going to be in jessup for folks going through howard county 175 waterloo road and dorsey run road shut down with a structure fire. dorsey run road is shut down for a little bit of stretch approaching 175. if you are going out the next few minutes and travel in that area plan accordingly. toward the capital beltway a live look at 495 north of the american legion bridge we are not finding any trouble spots. no overnight construction. so we are moving well on the
is very light. there's no one there. no hov restrictions by the way in maryland or virginia except on route 50 as you come in on route 50. you will have hov restrictions in maryland. here's what it looks like inside the beltway on 66. no issues to report as you head for the roosevelt bridge. we want to let you know that metro, by the way, opens at 7:00 a.m. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:09. >>> rain fell across our area last night, but those storms caused serious problems in some spots. >> sort of the usual suspects here, too. firefighters even had to rescue some stranded people in a part of northwest washington that seems to flood almost every time it rains. kristin fisher is live in the bloomingdale neighborhood with a look at how things are looking now. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. much better than last night, i'll tell you that much. last night's storms may not have looked like too much where you are, but here it got very ugly very fast. this stretch of rhode island avenue between 1st and 3rd streets northwest were closed for two hours last night due
, and that makes, if you believe the wisconsin-ohio flip, that makes new hampshire, virginia and nevada, maybe the last three tough states. obviously the president feels good about his demographic advantage in nevada and they feel good about the social issues playing in new hampshire. look what that does. brings us to the one state i've always believed is what replaces florida and ohio this year. virginia, virginia, virginia. and it's also not an accident as to why they picked charlotte being a state that borders on virginia. they think they can transfer energy up there. >>> north carolina was a key to president obama's victory in 2008 and democrats are hoping for a repeat this year by holding their convention in the tar heel state, but the fight is on right now for those 15 electoral votes with the latest poll showing mitt romneyry a slight edge among likely voters. joining me now, assistant democratic leader in south carolina, congressman james clyburn. congressman, you're sort of a host of this convention. right? just south of the border. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> in effect, tell me, th
with the exception of route 50 in maryland. taking a look right now at the i understand comment virginia, mt. zepher street, vehicle far. no series worries on 95 and the vw parkway. 197. here we are, 95 at 216. no serious delays. live look. ten minutes ride from there to the beltway at 59 miles an hour. >>> this morning residents in bloomingdale are cleaning up after yet another flood. megan mcgrath is live there with a look at the damage for us. good morning, megan. >> good morning. it has become an all too familiar problem in this neighborhood. they have flooded four times in the last several weeks. we're here along rhode island avenue at first street. this is one of the trouble spots here down at the bottom of the hill. this is a low spot. they have been flooding. every time we get a severe storm in the area, the water has just not been able to drain properly into the storm system. the storm drains here. it all backs up in a whole area ends up under water. take a look at this video shot yesterday. they actually had a situation where they had to rescue a person who got caught up in the flood water
of the day coming up. >> good tease. some northern virginia students will have to find another way to school tomorrow after their school district gets rid of about a dozen bus stops. >> here's monika. >>> we're still dealing with isaac, at least isaac's remnants throwing plenty of moisture our way. plenty of clouds today, occasional showers and thunderstorms, and we'll have temperatures which will be seasonably warm with highs in the lower 80s. >>> on the southbound side of 395, you'll see this camera moving around because they're looking for this accident southbound 395 between edsall road and the beltway. apparently a vehicle fire. watch out for that activity. but volumes are very light. no hov restrictions. i'll be back with more on this coming up in my next report. >>> organizers planning the eisenhower memorial don't have the final design yet but they do know one thing. if the monument of our 34th president become as reality, it will have some high-tech features. the congressional committee launched annual e-memorial online this week. it shows how multimedia could complement the finishe
, rappahanack county. and let me show you who is under the gun. northern virginia. leesburg leesburg, extending to fairfax, and woodbridge. also moving over the metro d.c. area and the beltway. heaviest rain there a. lolong eisenhower. and heavier rain. north of leesburg, route 15 and 287. d.c., get ready for round two. another round of heavier rain, unfortunately is moving in your direction. and off to the west, we still have tropical showers coming down out towards warrenton, fred rick, and winchester. coming up i will pinpoint details of your labor day forecast. i will tell you how much more rain we are expecting and how many more days this event is expected to last. hint, it is not ending any time soon. jen. back to you. >> i hear you, kim. all right. president obama will travel to louisiana tomorrow. to get a firsthand look at damage caused by hurricane isaac. more than 200,000 people across the state are still without power in the aftermath of that storm. several communities are still under several feet of waltter. army corps of engineers is looking if the upgrade after katrina caused flo
have some heavy thunderstorms in w of with. those should pass -- west virginia. those should pass into garrett county and the other storms that were in the delmarva earlier have gone up into new jersey. in the immediate future the next few hours we are fine, nothing in the immediate metro area between warrenton, down towards fredericksburg, la plata, toward dunkirk and up toward frederick. temps aren't bad, but boy, the humidity is, 82 downtown, 79 gaithersburg, 79 manassas but it feels like mid- to upper 80s. tonight mostly cloudy, muggy, a few storm possible, nothing in the next few hours, lows 68 to 74. we'll come back and talk about when the remnants of isaac will finally leave us alone. >>> well, tomorrow the democratic national convention kicks off in charlotte, north carolina, but the party is already going in the queen city. the convention's host committee put on a day long street celebration called carolina fest 2012. over at bank of america stadium crews are putting final uches in place before president obama gives his nomination acceptance speech on thursday. democrats
on the beltway. we are looking at a nice ride in virginia and maryland. on i-95 early this morning no reported trouble for you. all lanes are open. h.o.v. lanes are open northbound from dumfries to the beltway and continuing on 395 h.o.v. remains northbound. no overnight construction. a look at 495 and american ledge bridge. inner and outer loop travel moving well. no distractions to report for the start of the monday morning drive. >> 4:35 right now and a car filled with explosives ran into a vehicle from the u.s. consulate in pakistan. there are conflicting reports whether any americans were killed in the suicide attack. a state department spokesman said two u.s. personnel and two pakistani employees were in the vehicle and wounded but no consulate employees were killed. >> the body of a local navy seal will be brought back to anne arundel county. he died when his chopper went down in a fire fight. his body will leave dover air force base this morning and will come from route 50 to route 2 between 9:30 and 10 this morning then arrive in edgewater. residents are encouraged to
and east. i think you have a good chance of getting a cookout in. we have big storms also in west virginia and delmarva got hammered today with 3 to 4 inches of rain just west of the ocean resorts. a couple showers just south of town, but by and large, heaviest activity north of baltimore, heaviest activity now exiting delaware over into new jersey. it is humid out, temperaturewise a bargain, but the humidity not so hot so to speak, 83 downtown, 83 leesburg, 81 manassas. again the chance of showers and storms in the forecast tonight. we're not sounding the all clear. if you want to cook out the next couple hours, i think you can. >> that's good news. thank you. >>> labor day traditionally means a big rampup toward election day. we're 64 days away from november 6th and the presidential election and one day from the start of the democratic national convention. randall pinkston is in charlotte where the party is already underway. >> reporter: charlotte is throwing a big party. >> it's monday at the dnc. >> reporter: before the democrats go the down to business. actor and singer jeff bridges
looking good here in virginia leaving springfield up towards 66. 66 itself, we do have reports of an accident traveling westbound, so between 123 and route 50, want -- watch for some traffic there. the right lane is blocked. the beltway looks good in maryland leaving 95 college park heading into silver spring. do watch for the response for a building fire, 175 at dorsey run road in howard county. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> some of our top stories this morning, an all-too- familiar scene, a section of northwest d.c. hit with severe flooding. >> it happened in the same neighborhood, the bloomingdale neighborhood. the rain turned some streets into a river stranded drivers, caused multiple power outages and closed down the sure howard university metro station. this area saw similar flooding three times in july. resident are desperate for a solution to this problem. is pr >> it has happened now and it is getting frustrating. you can tell when the storm drains are backing up that the drains are going to go and you're going to take on water and th
of the way. hov restrictions lifted in virginia it now. 95 looking fantastic. springfield, live look at the occoquan. 11-minute ride from the occoquan to the beltway at 61 miles an hour. and the only restrictions in place are route 50 in maryland. richard, angie, back to you. >>> breaking news at 4:31. five people are dead and injured. four others were injured including two americans hurt after a suicide booming in pakistan. it happened in the knot wall street city of peshawar. police say a car filled with explosives crashed into a u.s. government vehicle earlier this morning. no americans were killed in the attack but two americans who work at a u.s. consulate were seriously hurt. no terrorist group has come forward to claim responsibility for the deadly bombing. >>> isaac has come and gone leaving people in the gulf region to clean up the mess it left behind. right now hundreds of thousands of people are still without power, including more than 200,000 in louisiana alone. the storm killed at least seven people, five in louisiana and two in mississippi. the army corps of engineers i
-2-19 strategy. now you can lose a state like virginia, one of the three, indiana, north carolina and virginia that he has to win or we thought he had to win to have a shot. you can lose one of those states, because now so many states are in tossup, nevada, michigan, wisconsin, those three states if you win them you can start to lose some of the 3-2-1 states which is something the obama campaign could not have possibly been thinking about this late in the game. >> bret: karl, as we point out, this is over 30 days. you moved texas in to the dark red, because you just said it is. but georgia is the same way, right? tennessee, kentucky? >> we have 35 electoral college votes called lean romney, georgia, tennessee, kentucky. they are called that because the last poll we have is some time ago. but i personally think those 35 electoral college votes are in romney's column. if you do that, think about that for a minute. solid obama states 14 of them represent 184 electoral college votes. if you add kentucky, tennessee, georgia, to the 1 states that romney has. you add those states with bah and 184 to
's where local prices stand. labor day drivers in maryland can expect to pay 3.77. in virginia the average is 3.68 and drivers in the district can expect to pay appear average of 3.98 a -- an average of 3.98 a gallon. >>> drivers better back their patience if they plan to cross the bay bridge this holiday weekend, but there's an online tool you can use before heading to or from your destination. the website about abridge.com streams live webcams on-- baybridge.com streams live webcams online and lets you know how bad traffic is and how long the jams are expected. for drivers on the road you can also call 1-877-bay ban for current traffic situations along route 50. >>> a fox 5 consumer alert tonight, maryland governor martin o'malley is leading a new push to get more families into more energy efficient homes. he says the cost savings over time complement what the initiative does for the environment. fox 5's bob barnard shows us. >> reporter: they're building a community of new homes near downtown frederick priced from the mid-200s billed as smart green homes where they say it almost pays t
, pennsylvania, 75. 73 right now in virginia beach. we've had some isolated showers and storms around here. we're going to be getting some more storms later today. look at what's west of us. around west virginia, ohio, kentucky. a lot of rain from the remnants of isaac. and that will be interacting with a weather front right around our area. closer inspection, there's a light shower there. manassas and wood bridge headed to the northeast out over the water first but probably holding together. forecast for today, noontime, 81 with high humidity. max out at about 83 with the drenching storms coming our way later today. mike? >> thank you. looking good right now on the interstates. hov restrictions have been lifted with the exception of route 50 in maryland for the federal holiday. let's look at the problem in jessup. sht shutting down waterloo road. building fire there. also dealing with an accident on westbound 66 before route 50 shutting down the right lane. only causing a slight delay. and let's take a look at the eastbound traffic as you make your way from 286 to the beltway. 11-minute ride
and they won. no significant acts of violence. there was a shooting in virginia and there has been some reporting that the suspect had a recent criminal contact in san francisco. that was not a criminal context, it was a psych hold, i reviewed the case and we did what should have been done. the last we had heard from this person in san francisco was 47. he is from virginia and the shooting took place in his home state. lastly, i have to apologize to the commission. we reported in our taser presentation that memphis had acquired teasers. that is true but it was memphis, mich. and not memphis, tennessee. i have instructed commander ali to contact memphis. he spoke to the colonel. they're contemplating teasers -- tasers. it is not an immense situation for budgetary constraints. we will continue to talk with them and work within the resolution to make that presentation back before you within 90 days of that last meeting. that concludes my report. >> commissioners, anything for the chiefs? thank you. item 2b. >> occ director's report. presentation of the second quarter statistical. presentat
the week. we are working with stalled out front around virginia. and that's going to add to the rainfall totals as we go through time. temperature wise this morning, though, well above average. good morning edgewood at 74 -- 74. 73 in stevensville. chesapeake beach at 73. hanover. westminster and also megan. >>> days before the national convention gets underway democrats spent the weekend out on the stump. joe biden was in pennsylvania and wisconsin and the president continued his road to charlotte tour taking him through colorado and louisiana before the final stop in north carolina. we have the story. >> reporter: with dnc preparations in full swing, this week it's all about the democrats. downtown charlotte north carolina is getting ready for the convention. meanwhile, advisers to both president obama and mitt romney battled it out on the sunday talk shows. >> when he took office shortly after his inog ration he said if he didn't have this economy turned around in three years, his presidency would be a one- term proposition. the economy has not turned around. >> in tampa we saw nothi
of the west virginia and kentucky. we have to get into thursday and friday before we get cooler and drier air in here. noeks couple day -- next couple days showers and storms. cooler today with a cloud cover 83 but a lot of humidity will warm it up. and finally behind a cold front all of the tropical moisture and feel like september with highs about 82 by next saturday with lower humidity. >> rough couple days though. >> going to be a little shaky here. >> you know september is a great month? >> is that right? was someone born inu were? >> in a couple days. haven't you been shopping already? >> you know i do things last minute. >> get two gifts. my birthday is this month too. >> so needy. lauren is to our left. >> men are demanding out here. happy coming birthday. that's all you are getting from me. >>> let's take a live look out there. nice and quiet on the roads. if you have to head to work, not much of an issue. southbound 395 we had an earlier car fire. that's cleared out of the way. northbound 95 and 395 look great. hov restrictions lifted everywhere except for route 50. they will be i
. west virginia last and they were said to be the least liveable. >>> 6:52. spending of west virginia a middle school have to reorganize their classes and they have a make them coed by today. >> that's coming down today. the school had the same sex classroom policy for students but a judge ruled that it has to go back to the coed route after a mother alengs the school used gender stereotypes that hurt her daughter academically. >> she says her daughter she has one daughter with adhd was scolded for not sitting while the boys they were encouraged to move around the classroom. a federal law does allow for same sex classes as long as the school meets certain criteria. this apparently didn't. >> we want to know what you think about this throughout the course of the morning. if you are on facebook on the lake day, head over to the facebook page wmar let us know what you think about these same sex versus coed classrooms. >> listen to this. a 400 pound-- >>> listen to this a 400 pound sea turtle is on the monday. national aquarium in baltimore will move her from her tamping and they will mov
.69 in virginia. as josh casio tells us, drivers hope the price increase is just temporary. >> seems like it keeps climbing, always going up. >> reporter: aaa said drivers this labor day are going to face the most expensive prices ever seen this time of year. you can thank hurricane isaac for some of that as it forced some gulf coast refineries to shut down. nationally gas prices are above 3.80. nearly 20 cents more than this time last year. >> putting gas in every other day. >> reporter: officials expect prices to drop. many drivers say the sooner the better. >> very frustrating, because the mar ran know gets 20 miles per gallon. >> think you try to watch what you do. you -- >> reporter: as because as it is, be glad not living in awaii. it may be paradise. a gallon of unleaded will run 4.34. >> why are the companies making all these mrs. of dollars? >> experts say gas prices should start falling. slashing prices to bring shoppers in. >>> straight ahead on the news edge if you weren't tanning or on the beach, the shopping in the labor day weekend. > the red skins back to the practice field. we'l
on a battleground virginia tomorrow. >> earbefore heading to new orleans, he is getting in a little campaigning could he will speak to the united autoworkers labor day celebration. joe biden is also marking labor day. this a live picture from the afl-cio's labor day rally from detroit. the vice president is heading towards the stage. vice-president biden is traveling a little bit later today. the secret service says that one truckload of the women was stolen yesterday from downtown detroit. -- one truckload of equipment was stolen away from downtown detroit. they are working with multiple agencies to get the u-haul truck back trade the democratic national convention is kicking off with a star-studded but there celebration in charlotte. many are enjoying holiday and a timid with obama supporters such as jeff br -- holiday entertainment with obama supporters such as jeff bridges and james taylor. >> in tampa, paul ryan ask the question, without new leadership, why should the next four years be different from last four years? barack obama has to answer that question. >> democrats have homes that h
charlotte. >> thank you. >>> virginia delegates are pretty pleased with where they will be sitting for the convention. their seats are right on the floor of the arena, and that means you'll probably be seeing them when you watch the convention on television. they say it just goes to show how important the commonwealth will be in the coming months. >> we are a key battleground state receiving a lot of attention. >> delegates from the district of maryland, which are both heavily democratic, aren't so lucky. their sea are in the back of the arena. we want to remind you jim vance and tom scherrwood are in charlotte right now for the democratic national convention. they will be live on news 4 all week. >>> well, it isn't just democrats heading to north carolina. paul ryan will campaign in the tar heel state today. the republican vice president aal candidate will be in greenville. that's about 250 miles from charlotte. the democrats had planned a similar strategy last week. vice president joe biden was going to campaign in tampa during the start of the gop convention. he canceled those p
for wednesday at the fort meyer memorial chapel. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. >>> virginia is issuing more and more conceal carry gun permits to people who live in other states, and it may be because of online gun classes. the courses allow people to ask for permits from virginia, permits that are valid in their own states without having to meet tougher requirements. now the commonwealth issued more than 1600 con sealed carry permits to nonresidents in the first half of this year. that's more than the total for all of 2011. a d.c. board said drivers can't install smartmeters until a contracting issue is recovered. the contract appeals board said the district didn't prove the installations were necessary before the dispute could be cleared up. vera phone won the contract to install the meters; but two other companies have appealed saying veriphone got the job. >>> the nats have a chance to set a record in d.c. could a labor day win bring them one step closer to the playoffs? lindsay murphy has the highlights next. >>> and strasburg will be shut down by the end of the month.
there on the radar out in west virginia and ohio. they will be pushing in later today riding along that frontal system. it is stalled across the region. lots of clouds. i know there are a lot of barbecues planned today. not going to be perfect for it. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up. we'll take a look at the seven- day forecast. >>> in politics, the democrats get their turn this week. their national convention gets under way tuesday in charlotte, north carolina. >> melanie alnwick has more on what they had to say on the sunday tax shows. >> reporter: the message machine for the democratic national convention was out in force sunday. one big question, how to defend the president's economic record. on fox news sunday, chris wallace pressed obama advisor david axelrod about unemployment going up, income going down and debt rising too. >> just looking at the president's record and those statistics, david, is the average american better off than four years ago? >> i think those are the workers whose industry would have collapsed if the president hadn't intervened are certainly bett
. >>> middle school in west virginia must reorganize the classes to be coed by today. the school had same sex classes for students for several years but a judge ruled that it must go back to coed. this happened after a mother alleged the school was using gender stereotypes that hurt her daughter academically. for example she says her one daughter with adhd was frequently scolded for not sitting still while boys were encouraged to move around the classroom. federal law does allow same sex classes as long as the school meets certain criteria. we want to know what you think. if you want to read more, head to the abc2 news facebook fan page check out the story weigh in because we want your thoughts. >> lynette joins us with a check of the weather. would you have been different if you were a same sex classroom? >>i doesn't know. >> be probably not. >> -- probably not. >> but people who go to all girls or all boys schools are great i don't know the difference. >> let us know. weather wise it seems like the bad went south. >> yeah. it did. basically stayed to the south of us. we got some rain like m
that are in columbus between here and cincinnati that were counties that were called the virginia military district. after the revolutionary war the officers and revolutionary army were given land in ohio the was part of the west of course in that time. they moved out here carry in their culture in the background of the company's light voting stake they didn't bring slaves with them. in ohio. but they were sympathetic to that culture. part of ohio also has been settled from west virginia, kentucky, tennessee. both states to the south of the appellation states and there's a part of ohio that is up alisa and southeastern ohio so there were southern sympathies. there's a lot of activity during the civil war and the there's the pro conservative activity and no chaim. the governor of ohio declared martial law. the and to the picture after the civil rights war where the politicians were going to be successful statewide. the southern sympathies and people with number sympathies. the grand army of the public which was the union army took many of its union officers from ally of. the established the republic
, virginia, north carolina and florida. so, what does this mean and how does it feel on the map? i'm going to go to our little battleground map here and as always, follow along up top when i make the state changes there, you'll see those numbers change there. so let's just give the president the states where he did better than that 13-point gap nationally. well then you would give him nevada, you'd give him colorado, wisconsin, and new hampshire. and look where it puts him, david. at 266. he just needs one more state. and i can tell you the one that they think they can exploit the gender gap and gender issues more than any other in the rest of those last five battlegrounds and that is virginia. as you know, david, just watching television in the northern virginia market you see a lot of ads, particularly that one on planned parenthood, having to use mitt romney's words. they think particularly in virginia, through as well as colorado, that they could exploit the gender gap and get to 270 without winning any other issues. >> chuck todd, thank you very much. carly fiorina, this is so importa
's in the middle of a swing state tour leading up to the convention. he's barnstorms through iowa, virginia, colorado. over the last week, he travels to ohio today and returns to virginia tomorrow before coming to north carolina. also a new ad out this morning called heavy load airing in six battleground states. the obama campaign attacks romney's tax plan and makes the middle class appeal. we'll hear from democrats all week. >> the middle class is carrying a heavy load in america, but mitt romney doesn't see it. romney hits the middle class harder and hits millionaires with a bigger break. is that the way forward for america? >> even as the president tries to cast this campaign as a choice between two competing igs visions for america, where it comes to the question whether americans are better off than they were four years ago, the obama campaign remains a little on the defensive, or at least they did sunday. take a listen. >> -- we were this close to a great depression because the leadership of this president, we stayed that off, we're in the beginning of recovery. >> are we where we nee
survivor justin leg she teet ou complete a half marathon in virginia beach, virginia. he did it. he crossed the finish line two years after receiving a double lung transplant as a last resort in his battle against leukemia. he took on that 13 mile challenge in honor of the 19-year-old donor who saved his life. i want to know more. if you do go to foxnews.com and read all about his journey. >> oo org nierzs hurry to go put the final touches on the national convention. a lot of history being made in these events. here is veteran journalist marvin cowl with a look back at some of the highlights over the years. >>> the skconvention of the democratic party will be in order. >> reporting for duty. >> the activists in each party get together to drum up a great deal of enthusiasm and to go out and try to win an election. >> i accept the nomination of the democratic party. >> in the old days it was very exciting. they would have 2, 3, 410 ballots before they finally agreed on a nominee. >> i ask the american people -- >> the 64 convention was extremely critical because a shorted time before john f.
in which a virginia or florida votes republican. they are being cultivated in a way that republicans have never bothered with in the past post- civil war era. the old dixiecrat crowd is not the eisenhower crowd. the democratic party gets a great gift in both the election of the catholic who are governor here was one of the few major democrats in the south to endorse in the 1960 election. you elect the catholic, which is a direct repudiation of what much of the white protestant south once. a catholic, despite himself, and i mean it, suddenly finds himself endorsing civil-rights which are anathema to most of the south. with his assassination and the accession of the democrat from texas, a man of great ambition, mr. johnson, the passage of civil rights acts, each one of which, whether housing, voting, public accommodations, says to the south, we just want to put your face in it. i say the white south. nixon comes along. there is much conversation about the southern strategy. by that time you did not need to be very smart to know that the south had had enough. there was george wallace, who ha
, eight of the 10 are southern states, all but virginia in the south, all of the southern states are above the national average, some way above, with states like mississippi having over 30% living in poverty. 10 states with child poverty over 25%. nine of those are in the south. there are six million kid living in extreme poverty. that means income of less than half the federal poverty standard, and of those six million, 42% come from the south. there are 11 states with over 10% of their children living in extreme poverty, and 10 of those 11 are in the south. the pugh study, a new one, relatively new on economic mobility indicated that the lowest economic mobility in the united states is in louisiana, oklahoma, south carolina, alabama, florida, kentucky, mississippi, north carolina and texas. so this picture is pervasive. and in the south it's not getting better at the moment. the south was the only section of the country in the last census where these poverty figures got significantly worse. the next point being congenial to being concerned with poverty. this is not a southern attribute.
from virginia on the independent line. hello. caller: good morning, mr. mix. i'm calling to inquire about your efforts in states that currently do not have national right to work laws, such as west virginia. there is a contentious gubernatorial election there. the republican candidate is working towards reforming west virginia's status in the current unemployment rate. what does your committee do to influence the elections in the same vein that the union political affiliate's? guest: great question. we do not support or endorse any candidate. we want to inform people of a particular state where candidates stand on an issue like right to work. we focus on guiding the expression to supporters who we know support us. we're very active across the country. we passed a right to work labelle was beaten by the governor in massachusetts. we passed one in indiana this year in february. there are aggressive programs in missouri, kentucky, mantegna. -- montana. there are a lot of states where it is popping up. the issue is gaining attention. it is gaining favor, i think, across many states in t
, virginia y colorado >> es un estado en la poblaciÓn importante y creciente de minorÍas la apelaciÓn de minorÍas es muy fuerte. junto con el intento de a traer mÁs mujeres a la carpa demÓcrata. >> un domingo de compras de supermercados se kqueda como mejor para votar para los demÓcratas. >> la plataforma demÓcrata estÁ pidiendo regularizaciÓn de una reforma, la plataforma de los republicanos sean reportados. >> auto deportaciÓn. >> un desayuno familiar de domingo le permitiÓ a carla teodoro a inscribirse por primera vez desde que se hizo ciudadana. >> el condado de lancaster y estÁ retirado y por el embarazo y la bebÉ. >> la familia infante zÁrate son parte de la comunidad latina de charlotte integrada por alrededor de 90 mil personas. en su familia dice no hay un consenso todavÍa para noviembre. >> quieren ayudo a los latinos especialmen especialmente llega el momento y no dan el voto. >> que los republicanos son un poquito mÁs para crearles que nos perjudica. >> siguieron de cerca la republicana ahora oorn lo mismo con la convenciÓn democrata. >> en el 2008 solamente 14
reward to anyone with information. a virginia man is accused of preying on a 12-year-old girl after they found disturbing evidence in his car. police in ontgomery county say ánathhn portnoyá was involved in a 3-month online relationship with the girl who was pretending tt be an adult. the two met up last friday in bethesda to play soccer. fortunately a family member who saw the two in aacar cellphone and she was able to - get away safely.and when police caught uppwith portnoy.... here's what they say theyyfound in his car. "some people might calllit a rape kit there was a mask there was implements to bind that way." way."and police say they a hand gun and several boxes of condoms.portnoy is still in police ustody. aaman is in critical but stable condition after being shot by police late saturday night in northeast baltimore. officials say tww detectives saw an armed man sitting on the steps oo a house at east lorraine and greenmount avenue. whennthey approached &phim, police say he ran insid police. officers then fired...stricking the man several times in the lower parr of hi
for the presidential debates. >>> today is the last day of summer vacation for most youngsters in northern virginia. it is back to school tomorrow for students in arlington, fairfax, prince william and stafford counties of as well as the cities of alexandria, falls church, fredricksburg and manassas. >>> in arlington county, some parents are upset that their youngsters will not be able to take the bus. they say they were notified last month that arlington public schools are getting rid of 12 bus stops. some parents are concerned that their children will have to walk nearly a mile to gliebe elementary school and across some busy roadways. the move affects about 1,000 students. arlington's superintendent says that the change was necessary because growing enrollment was causing the bus system to become overloaded. >>> a labor day tradition kicked off this morning in kensington. the 45th annual labor day parade and festival started on flyers mill road -- plyers mill road and headed down connecticut avenue and winding its way through the streets of kensington. thousands lined the parade route to watch f
'll only bc 7.ere on a a virginia man once called a hero for trying to save a life now stands accused of a crime. but as abc 7's roz tells us, it doesn't sound like the man they know. se.y're coming to his defen on his side, eyes facing up. >> his neighbors tell us this man performed c.p.r. trying to save a man's life. >> the first time i had to do anything like this and i can't get the look of the kid's face out of myself. is the same man accused of a crime, soliciting text from a juvenile. montgomery county police say for three months he communicated online with a 12-year-old who portrayed herself as an adult. investigators say he discussed having text and the two met at n bethesda august 24 s home, that she briefly got into his car and when she got out was spotted by family members who followed the told police he pointed a gun at them. arrested on august 25. police say in his car they found a loaded gun and ammo, handcuffs, zip ties, rope, a black ski mask and boxes of condoms. falls church community, neighbors say none sense. ke off camera they described him liked and say they're
."the man is expected a virginia man is now accused of preying on a 12-year-old giil afttr they found disturbing evidenne in his car. montgomeryycounty police say... nathan portnoy... wass involved in a 3-month online &prelationship with a girl who pas pretending to be aa adult. the two met up last friday in fortunately a family member who saw the two in a car together... called the girl's cellphone and she was able to get away safely.police were then abel to catch up with portnoy.listen to what they found in his car... "some people might call it a rape kii there was a mask there was implements to bind somebody if they were used that way." way."police say he also had a hand gun and several boxes of connoms.portnoy is still in police custodd. 3 just daas after aaceeting the republican nomination... mitt romney's twitter account crosses the one-million mark. in a tweet... his campaign thanked followers for their support and made a point of calling the one-million followers "active." meanwhile... the white house's aggressive push to appeal to twitter users has generated a much bigger fol
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